Colonial Pools


Want to remodel your pool? Maybe add steps?


Well we can certainly help you refresh that old pool into something new, safer and more comfortable.

Is your Vinyl Liner old and need to be replaced?


We specialize in Vinyl pool liners. With over 40 years of experience we expertly measure and have a custom vinyl liner made just for you form a wide variety of colors and patterns. Then we install your vinyl liner for a professional fit.

Do you have a leak? Is your pool not working right? Need a new pump or heater?

 We do a full line of leak detection and repairs.

*Skimmer Replacement *Return Line Repair* Under Water Repairs *Diamond Coring New Lines *Equipment Repairs and Replacement

Leak detection & Repair

Pool remodel

Vinyl Liner replacement

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with over 40 years of experience we are here to help you!